How to do Video Marketing – 5 Tips

Many clients have asked me how to do video marketing so that it brings in new clients. Well before we do the marketing you have to make a video, with marketing in mind. There is no doubt that marketing online requires video (70% of online searchers view video to make purchasing decisions). 5 TIPS Have […]

SEO and Why Keywords Have Less Weight Than A Few Years Ago

Quite often I hear “I want to be number 1 on Google. Can you get the keywords to make that happen? There use to be a time that you could set up the keywords in the title, description, alt tags, etc and you could get ranked with in days. However, it just doesn’t work like […]

Getting Customers Should be Easier

Getting customers should be easier than what we think. Here is an interesting approach from Allan Dib How To Get More Customers To Buy From You, More Easily Than You Ever Thought Possible (With “The Visible Target Technique”) Fell free to share your thoughts

More and More Mobile Devices

It is no longer, “Do I need to update my website for mobile devices?” Rather “How can I make my site mobile ready ASAP?”. With over 8 websites of my own on the server, using wordpress responsive themes takes about 2 hours to replace the theme and modify Does it always take 2 hours? Not […]

Matching Your Video Style

Here is an article on some inspiring tips on how to improve your video marketing Enjoy B Infographic: 10 Tips for Matching Your Video Style with Marketing Goals