Rich Media Sites is more than a website design business, we implement Rich Media as part of your website. Rich media is about video and its place in your online communications. Think of us as a business partner for:

  • small businesses
  • entrepreneurs
  • and after retirement career starters

Rich Media Sites is a smart choice if:

  • You are looking for a website that you can add content, images, sound and video yourself, without paying every time you want to update your site
  • You’ve never had a website and need assistance
  • If you want a site and the expertise to help you market your website.

I’m Bernie Landry and I can help you get up and running quickly with a Word Press a mobile ready website.

No two businesses are the same and each business owner is unique, and this is what I will help you use to your advantage.

I design websites that work and you add the knowledge of what you are the best at… your business!

Do you need to wait for site updates to be completed?

No, because rather than you sending updates to a web designer and waiting for your site to be updated, you have the tools to do it yourself. And it’s simple to use… like a simple version of Word.

Using WordPress as a web content editor, you can update your site anytime you like and as often as you like!

And if you need help I’m here to help.

I have put together videos that will show you exactly what to do. Like looking over my shoulder as I:

  • insert an image
  • add or modify text
  • add a page
  • create a post
  • and much more…

Each video is short because each video covers each individual process.

Sites you can maintain yourself

Now don’t worry about the design I will take care of that for you. ( With your input )

I want us be a team!

Rich Media Sites your one-stop shop for a website.

  • Hosting
  • Design
  • Marketing

… when you need results.