Video for Your Business

Video is such an important part of your online presence. It can no longer be ignored.

Most video for online is a key touch point for prospective clients to get to know you, discover your expertise and all part of the “branding” of your online presence.

There are many types of online video:

Explainer videos

Ok, I won’t give you a bunch of stats as to why you need video on your website, just what an explainer video is and how I can help.

An explainer video is quasi animated video that… well… explains something.

Things like “Who are you”, “What’, “How”, “Where” and “Why” it is you do what you do.

It is less expensive than going out and shooting a video on location. And because the text is on the screen, the message comes across even when the audio is turned.

Live Videos

With streaming live video on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram… just to name a few.

These types of video are excellent for interacting with your audience and doing Q & A sessions.

Interviews and reviews

You can have an online interview with a customer and record it, for inserting in an email, on a social platform or on your website.

Outbound info from your business

Yes, you are the online camera personality! Let your prospects and clients know what is happening in your business and industry.

Why is video marketing so important:

Many more uses

There are so many uses for video online, but rather than go through each one, let’s consider the most important step:

How do you produce or create a video in a non-technical manner that is easy for anyone to do?

After over 30 years of creating and producing video / live webcasts, I can show you how to:

  • Setup an office studio at your desk / work place
  • Use the equipment you have (and a few simple inexpensive add ons )
  • Interview another person online and record to video
  • What social platforms you should use
  • and much more

Video Production
Video has really evolved since the early days of television. In the 80’s video VHS cameras were now available to the public. Although you could record video, editing it was very costly. Also producing a professional video was difficult (and time consuming) as well without all the equipment required.

Fast forward to today and the tech is there so anyone can purchase the required equipment and learn how to DIY a video from “How to” videos online (thanks youtube).

However, there are some things that are required to make a effective video.

  • You need a story
  • A script
  • Plan your shots
  • Assemble / edit
  • Promote and distribute

If you are in need of the full production (concept to distribution) or anything in between, give me a call.

We can go over your objectives, plan a strategy and look at what options you have. As usual there is no charge for 1/2 hour consultation and any suggestions I can recommend are yours to use whether we work together or not.

Video marketing
Did you know over 50% of buying decisions are made by viewing a video from a suppliers website?

You see it’s not just a video on YouTube that is necessary. Having a video on YouTube is certainly a big plus, but what about on your website (I hope you have a website and you are not just relying on a social media presence…. ), other video platforms, social media, on a DVD, downloadable and even on your mobile device (phone).

Video marketing is not just putting a video up and praying it will go viral (which would be awesome but that’s like playing the lottery). You need a short and long-term strategy. And you need a certain level of consistency.

Over time more and more video will be of even greater importance. If you think you do or will not need to have a video, you do so at your own peril.

If you can talk face to face with a prospect or client, video marketing is just an extension of that.

If you have questions, need a strategy or want to discuss Video marketing call me 514-655-9715. As usual there is no charge for 1/2 hour consultation and any suggestions I can recommend are yours to use whether we work together or not.