Facts About Charging Your Smartphone

If you charge your smartphone in the car, do not leave it plugged in once it reaches 100%. If you do not unplug it at 100% you will damage the battery. Watch this video for more details on why. 2019/08/07

Using your Smart Phone Video Capabilities for Business

Discover how your smartphone is an all-in-one video crew that is ready to help you produce business videos that make you look good. This workshop is about using your SP video camera at its optimum. You will learn how to work with light and record clear sound that makes you look pro. This is a […]

How to do Video Marketing – 5 Tips

Many clients have asked me how to do video marketing so that it brings in new clients. Well before we do the marketing you have to make a video, with marketing in mind. There is no doubt that marketing online requires video (70% of online searchers view video to make purchasing decisions). 5 TIPS Have […]

Website Design Inspiration and The Reality

When I work with first time website clients, they come to me looking for some website design inspiration. They give me their ideas of what they think they would like (having looked at sites they liked) ¬†and hope I can nail it on the first try. There is a problem with this. The questions I […]

SEO and Why Keywords Have Less Weight Than A Few Years Ago

Quite often I hear “I want to be number 1 on Google. Can you get the keywords to make that happen? There use to be a time that you could set up the keywords in the title, description, alt tags, etc and you could get ranked with in days. However, it just doesn’t work like […]