SEO and Why Keywords Have Less Weight Than A Few Years Ago

Quite often I hear “I want to be number 1 on Google. Can you get the keywords to make that happen?

Keywords not the only ingredient to getting website traffic

There use to be a time that you could set up the keywords in the title, description, alt tags, etc and you could get ranked with in days.

However, it just doesn’t work like that today. It is really about content, links pointing to your website from high ranking reputable sources online, consistent new information added to your site, and other factors.

So just putting inkeywords and hoping to rank high on Google is like hoping to win the lottery.

I recommend that unless you are willing to buy ads online (Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.), you will need to:

  • Add content on your site that cleaqrly relates to your business.
  • Write blog posts
  • Give away information that is helpful to your clients/prospects
  • Do some videos and create a YouTube channel
  • Post regularily on Social media (also don’t discount the power of Google Plus)

Now there are other internet assets you can use, but the number one thing to get your site ranking quicker is to promote off line by sending prospects and clients to your site by giving them a reasin to visit your site in the real world.

Don’t just hand out your card to people and say visit my site, instead create a give away article that gives them useful information. Not “hey visit my site and get 20% off, rather “Visit my site and get a user guide or a how to be sure you have the right supplier for the job tip sheet”.

There are so many things you can do that your competition isn’t doing.

Market in a fashion that your competitors are not doing and market localy, before you worry about going global.

Sometimes the obvious is the route least taken.

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